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Wisent or European Bison bull at the Maashorst The Netherlands.

In the Netherlands there are 5 locations where these animals live: Kraansvlak, Veluwe, Maashorst, Natuurpark Lelystad, Slikken van de Heen.

They all live in protected areas which isn't open to public. There are guided tours into the area. You can go to the area and hope that you can see them. That they are at the border of the area that live.

They were almost extinct. Now the animals are moved around every so many years in Europe to grow the population again but prevent incest.

They are a bit slimmer than the American Bison and their head is higher up. Since the European Bison are browsers where as the American Bison are grazers. They benefit from this different build. This makes them more agile when roaming in the forest looking for food.

Gear used

Camera:Canon EOS R5
Lens adapter: Canon EF-EOS R Control Ring Mount Adapter
Lens:Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM
Tripod:Leofoto RF-284CT
Tripod head:Leofoto XB-32